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HEATING TOOLS & SYSTEMS is a leading manufacturers and suppliers of proving chamber, proving cabinet, proofer & Bakers Equipment. Bakery Proofer solutions offered by us play an important and vital part in the field of bread and bun manufacturing. The function of Bakery Proofer works in turning the dough used in making of bread and buns in golden brown color as well as with soft texture when baked. The offered Proving chamber functions by providing optimal temperature conditions of 31 deg C to 35 deg C as well as humidity of 85 to 90% Rh and have provision of setting both temperature as well as humidity separately to desired levels. Further, during proving operations as yeast also has sufficient food so as to effect faster gas production, here it is necessary to have sufficient diastatic activity in flour so as to produce ferment-able sugars for yeast to carry out its function efficiently during critical proving stages. The standard features it is made available with comprise stainless steel construction, all side insulation support, low energy consumption, efficient collimator and capability of the system to maintain humidity as well as temperature accurately.

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Proving Chamber features:-

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Insulated on all sides
  • Low energy consumption
  • Efficient collimator
  • Maintain humidity & temperature accurately

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